Our story

Hunan Mengtu Travel Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Mengtu travel, Was founded in 2014, With independent technology development capabilities and operational advantages of B2B Internet travel company. Since Mengtu travel was established, It has experienced rapid development, independent research and development of the Mengtu platform has completed the hotel, ticket, visa service,ect. Resources transfer and integration, the data inventory also covers more than 500 thousand hotels, hotels can be confirmed more than 150 thousand on time.

Since Mengtu travel was established. We have improve the B-side service point of view, open a new tourism products vision, direct sourcing team, customer service team and content team formed a new structure of the Mengtu service. 2017 is the years of Mengtu became mature, but also is the year to start a new pace. Mengtu new development strategy is platform technicalization, services humanization and tourism scene of the organic combination of content, Be committed to become the birthplace of visual tourism products and exporter. Provide a full range of new experience for platform B-side customers, Will spread Mengtu understanding of the tourism industry through all the cooperation partner to the world. stand still while heart been away, Mengtu invite you walk with world.

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